Our Partnerships

Ecotrust Canada works with rural, remote and Indigenous communities toward building an economy that provides for a healthy and resilient natural environment; sustainable and abundant energy, food, and housing; prosperous and meaningful livelihoods; and vibrant cultures and inclusive societies. We call this approach, building an economy that provides for life. Our on-the-ground work and systems approach is entrepreneurial, partnership-based and relentlessly practical.

In 1995, Ecotrust Canada received charitable status, marking the beginning of its journey toward building resilient economies in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities. In 2020, we marked our 25th year as an organization.

Ecotrust Canada has four main initiatives: Climate Innovation, Indigenous Home-Lands, Community Fisheries, and Community Energy. Food Systems is a fifth emerging initiative for the charity.
Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) saves critically endangered species whose numbers in the wild are so low that hands-on action is the last defence to save them from extinction.
WPC specializes in science-based techniques such as conservation breeding and releases, headstarting, and translocation to restore wild populations and recover species. WPC is the only organization in Canada to provide this critical need for wildlife in recovery efforts across the country, from the single population of endangered frogs in BC to the disappearing pollinators across Ontario. WPC is Canada’s last defence for endangered species.
Animal conservation requires a multi-faceted approach that includes habitat protection, threat reduction, community engagement, and public education. In addition to all those critical
elements, WPC provides a unique role by taking direct action to prevent at-risk species from being lost forever.
Stanfield's is a Canadian garment manufacturer based in Nova Scotia with approximately 550 employees, whose company's products are sold throughout Canada and around the world.